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Online Advertising

Are You Getting the Most from Your Online Advertising?

This question can be difficult to answer. Especially if you do not have a team of experts by your side to help you understand the ever-changing world of online advertising. Everyone is familiar with search engines and social media. But success lies in specificity. Is your company positioned in a way to take full advantage of these digital opportunities?


Is your current online advertising approach working?


Are you reaching your target audience?


What is your mobile advertising approach?


What is your retargeting strategy?


How does your content offering vary from platform to platform?


Are you cost-effectively utilizing all available platforms to generate leads and sales?

Some advertisers do not know the answers to the majority of these questions. Others do know the answers but are frequently left unsatisfied with the results. We have been lucky enough to have gained diversified experience in online advertising here in Cyprus. As a result, we now specialize in creating innovative online marketing campaigns. Furthermore, we repair and transform existing online marketing campaigns which are not performing.

A Multi-Channel Online Advertising Approach

Reaching your target audience often requires utilizing more than one platform. Social media advertising platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter allow you to showcase your expertise and build professional relationships. On the flip side, search marketing platforms such as Google AdWords can help you reach people you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. When you target your audience through different channels, you increase the likelihood of them converting into paying customers.

Failure to use a combination of online advertising channels can restrict your reach. A good understanding of your audience and their behaviour can be a turning point for your business. We help you identify which platforms prospects are spending time on. Furthermore, we create content that is adjusted to both the platform and your audience. Studies have also shown that social media advertising actually assists conversions from other digital channels – for each click on a social media ad, there are two other that contribute to conversions in other channels.

Online Solutions Is Different:

Competitors Do Not Match Our
Agility & Efficiency

Online Solutions‘ Online Advertising service allows advertisers to benefit from all platforms that best fit their company’s marketing goals. The best part about this service is that you get everything in a one-management fee. We can find the perfect online media mix to reach your online goals.

Whether you are a Software as a Service (SaaS) company looking to explore new ad strategies, or an e-commerce retailer looking to take advantage of Facebook ads, we’ve got your back. Simply put, whatever your business model is, we optimize your online media budget to perform at its fullest.

In contrast to other departmentalized and bureaucratic agencies, our team is highly trained in all online ad disciplines (search, display and social ads). This single-team, agile approach gives us freedom and flexibility to quickly apply changes in the strategy and platforms we use. This is exactly what sets us apart from our competitors.